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FREE ASSET_BodyParts_3D_Groups_Carver_ZB3.5R_andAbove

This is the most complete and accurate anatomy model I have ever seen. This Ztool is a compilation of hundreds of obj files that were released by a university in Arizona several years ago. ALL MESHES FROM CT SCAN DATA. It is comprised of 32 subtools, and each of those contain individual meshes for each muscle/organ group. I have been hosting it from my Google Drive, and finally decided to open a CubeBrush store to give it a final home. It is free to all, as it always has been. If you need to learn anatomy, for any purpose, then this asset should help you immensely. Hit the link.

I realize not everyone is a zbrush user. The polycount in this model is hefty. For those of you who would like the model in obj format, I will be uploading files in the coming days. I amburied in work at the moment.

Derek pendleton full body

full body

Derek pendleton detail02

Detail 01

Derek pendleton detail03

Detail 02

Derek pendleton detail04

Detail 03

Derek pendleton detail05

Arm groups

Derek pendleton detail01

Detail 04